"I never planned to have you brought into all this, Lizzie. When I first got to know you, all the way back at the Prison, I didn't intend for you to get dragged into all the horrors that survivors experience in the open world. I'm really sorry you had to see all this." —Ryan Lee to Lizzie Samuels

Dead World Uprising, Volume IIEdit

Dead World Uprising Volume II is an unconfirmed novel sequel to Dead World Uprising written by Canadian author Ryan Lee.


Strike of the UndeadEdit

In the events that follow Dead World at the end of Dead World Uprising, Ryan's and Rick's groups face many difficulties while trying to reconnect with one another; the group faces many obstacles in their search for safety and stability.

Claimed HopeEdit

Ashleigh faces a difficult decision; Rick's group face many obstacles searching for safety; Ryan comes to terms with his past. Meanwhile, a new threat comes into existance, threatening the future of Ryan's and Rick's groups.

Faith, Hope or DeathEdit

The return of Russell Hampton brings complications to Ryan's group in the events that follow Claimed Hope, forcing Ryan, Rick, Ashleigh and Daryl to make a challenging decision that could affect their groups forever.

Survivors of the DeadEdit

Stalked by the hoards of the Infected, Ryan's and Rick's groups must come to terms with their relationship to one another and seek safety before it is too late.

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